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                                                                  Healthy Life

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”
Staying Active
Trade Drinking for Dancing
A coffee shop or bar is often where friends catch up. Instead of a sedentary get-together, though, why not switch to an activity that burns calories, like walking, dancing, or a Zumba class with a gab-fest afterward? “Rather than another night of drinks, which will pack on empty calories and likely lead to overeating later, suggest a walk outside with your girlfriends or opt for a yoga class and tea date,” she says.
Of these activities, dancing is the big calorie burner, zapping more than 200 calories for every half-hour on the floor.
Sneak in Exercise During TV Time
Who says you have to sit idly on the couch during your favorite shows? Russell says you can make big strides by simply staying active. Try some jumping jacks, pushups, or other fat-blasting moves during commercial breaks. “Squeeze in exercise while watching TV or when the kids are napping,” Russell advises. “For example, aim to do two sets of push-ups and a round of abdominal exercises during commercials.”
If you want a bigger burn, keep up the light calisthenics for the whole 30-minute show, and blast 115 calories.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

Eating Healthy
Eat Healthy Portion Sizes
In today's supersized world, it can be hard to know what a healthy portion looks like.
All the advertising we see seems to be aimed at encouraging us to eat and drink a lot.
Plate sizes in restaurants get bigger and bigger, as do the servings themselves.
So it's little wonder that many of us consume more than we need on a daily basis, as our eating habits have changed without us even realising it.
Try this: "Imagine a plate on the table in front of you," says Georgie.
"For the ideal lunch, a quarter of the plate would be taken up by lean protein, another quarter would be filled with low-GI or wholegrain carbs, and the remaining half would be filled with salad or vegetables."
For dinner, eat a little less than at lunch.
"The chances are that all you'll be doing after dinner is watching TV or going to bed, so you don't actually need a lot of energy," Georgie says.
Take a look at these articles on healthy breakfasts, healthy lunches, healthy dinners and healthy snacks for some great ideas.
Understand Healthy Eating-Out Options
Restaurants and cafes can seem like a minefield, not least because their portions are often much bigger than we need.
It's also tempting to go for the less healthy menu options. But that doesn't mean you can't put healthy eating habits in place when you're out with friends.
Georgie suggests using the plate-portioning guide (see above) to help you when eating out. And you don't have to eat everything on your plate!
Try this:
See if the restaurant's menu is available online and choose your meal before you go out.
Choose an entrée-sized dish for your main course and bump it up with a healthy side salad.
Ask for dressings and sauces to be served on the side.
Ask for rice or extra vegetables instead of chips.
Set aside half the dish and ask for it in a takeaway container

Being Happy
Consistent, long-term happiness depends on your ability to notice and appreciate the details; you can hone that skill right now.
Once you get everything you want, you will still be subject to life’s highs and lows. If you haven’t learned to enjoy the little things, your well-being will parallel your life’s circumstances. Every time something goes wrong, you’ll feel deeply unhappy (as opposed to disappointed, but determined to make the best of things).
Think about the things that fill you with the most joy—spending time with your pets, listening to the rain, and running on the beach, for example. Focus on those things right now, and let them brighten your day. That way, no matter what changes, you’ll have a variety of simple pleasures to help you through.
Every day is a new opportunity to be better than yesterday; that pursuit can increase your self-esteem and, accordingly, your happiness.
I used to be obsessed with being perfect. If I wasn’t the best at something, I couldn’t sleep at night. Becoming great never felt as good as I imagined it would because there was always room to be better. I was constantly dissatisfied and disappointed in myself.
I now look at the things I do as opportunities to get better from one day to the next. It’s more satisfying to set and meet an attainable goal, like focusing better and writing an extra article tomorrow, than it is to obsess about perfection, stressing because I’m not a world-famous author.
By focusing on small improvements and mini-goals, you’ll naturally move yourself toward your larger dreams. And you’ll respect the way you’re doing things.
You can be who you want to be right now, no matter what your situation looks like.
You may think life needs to change dramatically for you to be the person you want to be. That you can’t be giving unless you make more money. Or you can’t be adventurous until you sell your house. The truth is, you can be those things at any point in time.
So you don’t have money to share. Be generous with your compassion, and listen when your friends have problems. So your house hasn’t sold, pinning you in one place. Create adventure in your day by trying new things and introducing yourself to new people.
You never know when your nows will run out, so ask yourself, “How can I be that person I want to be in this moment?”
                                       What To Follow in life
“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

Staying Active
Get a Dog
The arrival of a new pet, especially a dog, has been shown to increase the owner’s activity levels. “Getting a pet, like a dog, will give you another reason to get out and get active,” Gray says. “Pets need activity, and actually can be your own accountability friend to get at least a short walk in daily. Even if the dog only forces you to get up and let it out without going for a walk, you will have burned more calories than if you sat in front of the television all day.”
Like walking by yourself, walking a dog can help burn around 200 calories for every half-hour of exercise.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”
 Clean Your House
Cleaning your home or apartment regularly is another way to ensure that you stay active during the week. “Cleaning your house can incorporate a variety of muscle groups without you even realizing it,” Gaspari says. “Dragging around a heavy vacuum isn’t an easy task, especially if you are going up and down stairs.” Gaspari recommends going a step further and trying to “squeeze your buns every time you take a step.” While you’re taking a break, try tightening your abdominal muscles for a period of time throughout each hour, he adds.
A 150-pound person can burn 85 calories per half hour through light cleaning, while vigorous cleaning burns 102 calories in 30 minutes.
Cook at Home
Most people don’t think of cooking as exercise, but preparing food at home certainly burns more calories — and usually causes you to consume fewer calories — than eating out or ordering in. “The best way to control what goes in your mouth is to plan ahead and have a home-cooked meal,” Gray says. “This way, you know exactly what went into your meal, and I guarantee it can be prepared faster and less expensively than making that extra stop at a restaurant. Do your shopping and cooking on days when you have more time. That way, you’ll have the meal on hand and can resist the temptation of unhealthy choices.”
Plus, thanks to activity such as standing, light lifting, and chopping, a 150-pound person can blast 78 calories in 30 minutes of cooking.

Eating Healthy
1. Eat Healthy Unprocessed Food
Many of the packaged foods we buy today are aimed at convenience and involve the minimum of preparation time on our part - but they're not that healthy.
They often contain high amounts of preservatives, man-made colourings and other added chemicals, and as 12WBT dietitian Georgie Moore explains, there are other downsides.
"Packaged foods tend to be higher in fat, salt and sugar than food cooked from scratch, while lacking nutrients and fibre," she says.
Get into the habit of preparing meals from unprocessed foods and you will reap the health benefits.
This means cooking with fresh vegetables, lean meat, eggs and milk and eating plenty of fruit, nuts and legumes.
Try this: One of the best healthy eating habits you can put in place is to chuck out your toxic packaged and processed foods.
Instead, stock the pantry and shelves with beautiful fresh ingredients so they're at arm's reach when you're ready to eat.
2. Switch to Healthy Whole Grains
Whole grains offer far more nutrients and fibre than their refined "white" varieties.
And in a 2012 study at the University of Copenhagen, researchers found that overweight people who ate wholegrain wheat products lost more weight than those who ate refined wheat, and they also came out with lower cholesterol.
"Whole grains tend to have a lower GI (glycaemic index), so they help keep you feeling fuller for longer and maintain your energy levels and concentration," Georgie says.
On the taste side, whole grains have more texture, flavour and nuttiness than refined ones.
Try this: As a fast and simple way to improve your eating habits, choose wholemeal or wholegrain bread next time you hit the bakery And in the supermarket, buy brown rice instead of white, and wholegrain pasta.Adding whole grains such as quinoa and buckwheat to salads and other meals will add a heap of nutrients.
You can find these in a health food store or the health food aisle of your supermarket.

3. Change to Healthy Cooking Methods
The more you "do" to your food, the less it does for you.
So avoid things like deep-frying, which drenches your food in unnecessary calories, and boiling vegetables until they're drained of colour, as this will sap them of nutrients.
Try this:
Grill or barbecue meat, fish and vegetables.
Stir-fry meat and vegetables, using just a little olive oil or a light spray of cooking oil.
Steam vegetables until they're lightly crunchy.
Use herbs, spices and ground pepper instead of salt.
Use balsamic vinegar or lemon juice instead of salad dressing.
Make your own sauces rather than using bottled or sachet versions - for example, using fresh tomatoes as your base combined with herbs and spices.

Being Happy
Finding joy in the present moment, no matter how inadequate it may seem, makes a difference in other people’s lives.
Though we all have different lists of dreams and goals, for most of us this is at the forefront: the possibility of living a meaningful life that affects other people for the better.
Happiness is a moment-to-moment choice, one that many have a hard time making. Other people will notice if you make that choice. And you will motivate them to do the same. As the research above indicates, this motivation has a substantial impact on their health and future happiness.
I know this isn’t your usual reasons-to-be-happy post. It didn’t start or end with “count your blessings” and I didn’t delve into your relationships or good fortune. There’s a very good reason for that.
I don’t think happiness is so much about what you have. What you have changes; your “blessings” evolve. Happiness is about how you interpret what’s in front of you. How proud you are of the way you live your life. How willing you are to enjoy simple pleasures, even if things aren’t perfect.
Though I have’t always done this well, today I choose to focus on the good—both in the world and myself—to feel happy right now. How will you tune into happiness today?

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Dreams Can Come True

I believe that dreams can come true. If really want something to happen in life and you keep dreaming of it then and striving for it, you can achieve it. I know that this is true because it has happened to me several times.
One time I had a dream to be a softball player. Even since I was little I wanted to play softball for a competitive team. I wanted to play a high level of softball, so I could play on a good team and be a great softball player like Jennie Finch. So far I have achieved my dream. I started at a recreational level and then began to work my way up. I am currently on a competitive softball team and made one of the top teams in my age group. I was able to get to this be pushing myself and knowing that I could make this happen if I just believed in myself and put my mind to it.
I have more dreams in life as well, now I want to play softball in college and keep playing as long as I can. As long as I try hard I should be able to accomplish this dream and make it come true. I am going to push myself and make myself work for it.
I am going to always do my best and try my hardest even when it gets tough. I am never going to give up on my dream because I would be giving up on myself.
I have given up on a dream before and I regret doing it because I would have loved to have accomplished that dream.
My dream was to become a professional barrel racer, and be as fast as the wind, I tried hard to be one, but softball got in the way. I always wanted to be a professional barrel racer when I was 5, but I wanted to be a softball player more, and so did the rest of my family, which didn’t really help me, achieve the dream I wanted first. Even though I did not achieve this dream I can still try later. I will always love to ride horses just not as much as softball.
Having two dreams to work for in life really helped me to see what I can do well and what I should continue doing in my young life. I hope that someday I will get to see my other dreams come true, because it is what I believe.

My dream becomes true.

Each one of us have their own dreams who want to achieve it. There is no easy thing in this world. We should work hard for it. But sometimes faith is trying to fool us, no matter how hard a person try he/she can also feel failures in it. But, this doesn't mean we should stop of dreaming.

      For me, I keep on dreaming for my future and actually I have a lot of dreams that I want to achieve like finding my collegiate and to have a good career in the dear future. To have an own car and support my brother in their education so that the burdens of my parents will be lessen. By the time comes, when I can build my own family. I can give my children a better food, shelter, cloth and the most important is education. To be honest, there's still none these dreams that I have mention comes true but I don't loose hope on it. I'm still young and there is still a long way to walk. As long as I have faith to God and work hard in order to achieve my dreams and one day my dreams can comes true. When I was a kid I have a dream of becoming a soldier for our country but as I grew old I realise that I just want to become a successful businessman or have a good career in the field of Multimedia Arts. Back in my elementary days, I have a dream of becoming a varsity player when I reach high school. Fortunately, In first year after finish the tryout I was one of those few selected to become varsity player although I was just a reserved player I was very grateful because there are only 3 first year player that have been selected.

      Dreams need a full support from friends and relative. A dreams can come true if it is in your destiny. Only God knows what is best for us. Failure makes a person more stronger and better. And if one day, a dream came true in our lives, we are blessed by the Lord and keep continue dreaming.

Dreams do come true. Everyone in their life has a dream or two or three. Finding the way to achieve your dreams, goals, and aspirations is an epic journey on its own. It takes discipline, determination, and self -exploration. This is the tale of the journey I am still currently on.

“I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.”

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                              IT returns
I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.
1.       Is it mandatory for every person to file his return?
Every individual / HUF whose gross total income (‘GTI’) (i.e. income before availing any deductions like LIC, PPF, etc) exceeds minimum tax exemption limit of Rs. 200,000 is required to file return.  For example – your GTI for the FY 2012-13 is Rs. 250,000 and you have availed of the PPF deduction of Rs. 70,000 thereby resulting in net total income of Rs. 180,000. Although you are not liable to pay any income tax on Rs. 180,000, you are still required to file your return since your GTI exceeds Rs. 200,000.
Note: There is no minimum tax exemption limit for partnership firms and therefore, it is mandatory to file its return even if its total income is Rs 1. In case of loss from any source of income, it is mandatory to file the return in order to carry forward the said loss to the subsequent year and set it off against the subsequent year’s profit.
2.       Which documents substantiate the basis of your return?
The following documents are a must for preparing the return:
  • Bank statement
  • TDS certificates
  • Tax Savings certificates – LIC receipts, PPF passbook, Mediclaim receipts, etc.
  • Income statement enumerating income earned during the FY from all sources
3.       What is the pre-requisite for filing your return?
No person can file return without a Permanent Account Number (‘PAN’).  PAN is 10 digit alpha-numeric number issued by NSDL authorities in confirmation with Income Tax Department and is considered to be one’s identity proof in India.  In case of PAN – AAAPS8216Q, fourth alphabet (P) denotes the status of the person.  P stands for Personal, H for HUF, F for Partnership Firm and C for Company.  The fifth alphabet (S) denotes the surname of the individual, or surname of the Karta of the HUF, or the first alphabet of the firm or Company name, as the case may be.
4.        Is it mandatory to file your return electronically (‘e-filing’)?
An individual has the option to file his / her return manually or electronically.  However, an individual whose GTI exceeds Rs.  500,000 is mandatorily required to file his / her return electronically.  The same principle as explained in point no 1 with regards to GTI applies in this case also.  An individual can download the Excel utility of the applicable Income-tax return form (‘ITR Excel utility’) from the website – and file the return electronically.  For example, if your GTI is Rs. 450,000, you can either file your return manually or electronically.  However, if your GTI is Rs. 500,000 or more you would have to file your return electronically.
5.       Which ITR Excel utility should you download?
The tax department has notified different forms for different persons as under:
  • ITR 1 – Individuals having only salary income and interest income (salaried employees)
  • ITR 2 – Individuals & HUFs having income from any source other than Income from Business
  • ITR 3 – Individuals & HUFs being partners in firms and not carrying any business or profession
  • ITR 4 – Individuals having income from Business or Profession
  • ITR 4S – Individuals having income from Business or Profession and opting for special taxation scheme
  • ITR 5 – Partnership firms
  • ITR 6 – Companies
Depending on the sources of your income, you need to download the applicable ITR Excel utility.  In case you wish to file your return manually, the aforesaid forms can be purchased locally and can be filed with the local tax officer along with copy of previous year’s return acknowledgment.
6.       What are the pre-checks before uploading your return?
In order to have a hassle-free processing of your return, the following aspects should be checked:
  • Name – it should match with the name printed on your PAN card
  • Date of birth – it should match with the name printed on your PAN card
  • Status – Whether you are an individual / HUF / Firm and whether you are a resident / non resident
  • Address – it should match with the address as per your PAN card
  • Email address and mobile no – It is the basis of communication from CPC (avoid mentioning Chartered Accountant’s email ID or the one which is not frequently used by you)
  • Date of filing the return – Mention the date on which you upload your return
  • TDS – Verify the total TDS credit in your name by downloading your Form 26AS from the website and claim credit equivalent to the credit available as per Form 26AS
  • Bank details – Mention your existing bank account no, correct MICR code, IFSC code and bank branch details since refund, if any due, shall be credited only to this account
  • No cut / paste – Avoid using cut and paste formula while filing the ITR Excel utility else it shall corrupt your Excel file.
Needless to mention that only correct and accurate figures and dates should be filled in to avoid any discrepancy while processing your return.
7.       How to file return electronically?
The first step in e-filing is to create an account by registering your self on the website at the link –  After downloading the ITR excel utility, it is to be filled in with the relevant details.  The file is to be then validated to check up for any errors using the ‘validate’ option.  Subsequently, an xml file is to be generated using the ‘create xml file’ option provided on the first page of your ITR excel utility.  This ‘xml file’ is then required to be uploaded on the website.  Uploading the return is a very quick process (less than a minute) unless there is a system breakdown which seldom happens.  (Detailed step by step procedure is available on the aforesaid website).
8.       Does uploading your return mean that your return for the year has been filed?
Mere uploading of the return does not mean your return for the FY has been duly filed.  Every person after uploading their return is required to take a print out of their return’s acknowledgment (ITR V), sign the same at the designated place (in blue ink only) and then send the duly signed acknowledgement via ordinary or speed post (not courier) to CPC, Bangalore (complete address is provided in the acknowledgment) within 90 days from the date of uploading of the return.  Once your duly signed acknowledgement is accepted at the CPC, Bangalore, you shall be intimated about the same via message and email and only then will your return be said to have been duly filed.
9.       What if you miss the July 31 deadline?
You can still file your return for the FY 2012-13 as a ‘belated’ income tax return till March 31, 2015 with interest on the tax amount (in case you are not liable to pay any tax, no interest will be levied).  However, it is to be noted that in case there is any loss which is to be carried forward to the subsequent years, it is mandatory to file the return in time ie July 31 or else the benefit of set off of loss against profits in the subsequent years shall not be available.
The aforesaid article shall not be 100% sufficient for any individual to upload his / her return all by himself but shall definitely help in acquiring knowledge and assist in planning as to how should you generally proceed to file your return to avoid unnecessary rush at the last minute.  So, all those who are liable to file their returns please do the needful before the July 31, 2013 due date.

           Benefits of writing IT returns

I’m taking the #TaxPledge to file IT returns with the easy Income Tax efiling option from H&R Block at BlogAdda.

The ITR Controversy of 2015

On 18th April government has notified the new ITR forms. Those new forms were opposed by various sections of businesses. The forms required detailed information from the taxpayer. It was so detailed that ITR 2 was of 14 page long. These were two point of contention from the new ITR forms.
  1. In the ITR 2 and ITR 2A, you needed to give full details of foreign travel. the assessee would have to report passport number, the issuance place of the passport, countries visited, number of times such journeys made. In case of a resident taxpayer, the expenses incurred from own sources in relation to such travel should be also reported.
  2. They assesse would have to furnish the number of bank accounts along with the account number, address, IFSC code, any possible joint account holder and balance in the accounts. It also included the dormant bank account.
After the uproar the finance minister Arun Jaitely immediately put these forms on hold. Now in the revised ITR forms you need to give only passport number and details of active bank account. You need not to mention the account balance. Also, This year government has extended the last date of  income tax return filing.

The Income Tax Return Of Salaried

Most of the income tax payers in the country is salaried. The employer deduct tax at source from the salary of employees. The employer takes care to the applicable tax of the employee. Therefore, most of you are not concerned about the payment of income tax. Since your employer do the taxation job, the filing of income tax return of salaried is easier.

Important Documents For Income Tax Return e-Filing

The Importance Of Form-16

The salaried employees get form 16. This form 16 has the details of your income and TDS. The 80C deduction is also incorporated in the form 16. The government has prescribed a format of form 16. This form 16 is used to file income tax return. Please note form 16  is not required with the income tax return form. It is used only for reporting the income and tax details. It is a certificate of TDS from the employer to the employee. You should preserve it for any further query.

Form 16A

This is also a TDS certificate similar to form 16. But it is used for TDS other than the salary income. There are many payments other than salary which is given after the tax deduction at source. The certificate of this deduction is given in the form 16A. Form 16 is given annually while form 16A is given quarterly.

Form 26AS

Form 26AS is provided by the income tax department. It shows all the taxes paid against a PAN. This form incorporates the TDS details of form 16 and form 16A. You can verify the TDS on your payments through the form 26AS. Anyone can access his form 26AS through the income tax e-Filing website. The login ID and password of e-Filing is used to view the form 26AS. You can also see your form 26AS through the internet banking.
You should also have details of your bank accounts and passport number while you e-File the income tax return.

The ITR-1 Form For Salaried Taxpayer

Who Should Use ITR-1

You should use ITR-1 to e-File income tax return if your income for the assessment year 2015-16 (financial year 2014-15) includes:
  • Income from Salary/Pension; or
  • Income from One House Property
  • Income from Other Sources (excluding winning from Lottery and Income from Race Horses) and does not have any loss under the head
You should also note that these conditions of ITR-1 is also applicable for the dependent spouse or minor child. As there income is clubbed with you. If wife or minor child is self dependent and filing her own income tax return, this clubbing rule is not applicable.

Who Should Not Use ITR-1

This Return Form should not be used by an Individual whose Total Income for the assessment year 2015-16 includes:-
a) Income from more than one House Property; or
b) Income from Lottery Winnings  or horse races; or
c) Income under the head “Capital Gains” ,e.g., short-term capital gains or long-term capital gains from sale of house, plot, shares and gold ; or
d) Agricultural income in excess of ₹ 5,000; or
e) Income from Business or Profession ;or
f) Loss under the head ‘Income from other sources’; or
g) Person claiming double taxation relief under section 90 and/or 91;or
h) Any resident having any asset (including financial interest in any entity) located outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India or
i) Any resident having income from any source outside India

How To e-File Income Tax Return Online

In this method of e-Filing the form is presented online. You fill the form and keep saving the draft. After the completion of form you have to submit it online. In this method you do not download anything. It is an easier process therefore It is listed asQuick e-File. Besides ITR-1, the form ITR-4S can be also filed through Quick e-File.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

                                                       Idea's to Keep Baby's Skin Soft and Safe

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

Mother being the supreme lover, loves her child like nothing. A mother dissipates the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts when we are helpless in the wilderness life with her kind precepts and counsels. From the moment we are born till we are cradled in the chariot of death, we come across many relations. Some are just for time being, some are to betray you, some are to leave you alone when you need their presence the most, some are with you just because of your attributes and some are compelled to stick with you due to blood relation compulsion and restrictions. But, there is one being who surpasses the love, care and affection of anyone related to you and she is ‘The Mother’. The love of a mother has no match nor can one replace her love. A mother’s ageless love and care cannot be exemplified. When you were in her womb; she took every step so gently and carefully not to bother you from your deep sleep. 
A mother turns a house into a home and home is the initial school of a child. Mother is our best teacher and trainer. She never gives up training us to speak “Am’ma (Mamma)”. She walks by knees to help us in our first steps. She teaches us the behaviors lessons. She never gives up on us. Mother teaches us the philosophies of life. Mother is the instinctive philosopher whose philosophies help us in every walk of our life. She teaches us how to love, cherish, and respect who we are, and what it takes for us to become the adults we will one day be.
Just a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s risk of skin  later in life. Kids don’t have to be at the pool, beach, or on vacation to get too much sun. Their skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays whenever they’re outdoors.
Seek shade. UV rays are strongest and most harmful during midday, so it’s best to plan indoor activities then. If this is not possible, seek shade under a tree, an umbrella, or a pop-up tent. Use these options to prevent sunburn, not to seek relief after it’s happened.
So here are the some ideas to keep safe and soft skin of baby.
Idea 1:Cover up.
When possible, long-sleeved shirts and long pants and skirts can provide protection from UV rays. Clothes made from tightly woven fabric offer the best protection. A wet T-shirt offers much less UV protection than a dry one, and darker colors may offer more protection than lighter colors. Some clothing certified under international standards comes with information on its ultraviolet protection factor.
Idea 2: Get a hat.
Hats that shade the face, scalp, ears, and neck are easy to use and give great protection. Baseball caps are popular among kids, but they don’t protect their ears and neck. If your child chooses a cap, be sure to protect exposed areas with sunscreen.
Idea 3:Oil Massage.
Babies are most happy after getting good massage followed by hot water shower. Massaging well is very important for baby’s growth and glow of the skin. It is very important that baby massage oil is made of healthier ingredients which give strength to the baby’s muscles and bones. Its texture should be smooth too for his delicate skin. I would recommend a soft baby massage oil as very important element in keeping his skin smooth and soft.
Idea 4:Apply sunscreen.
Use sunscreen with at least SPF 15 and UVA and UVB protection every time your child goes outside. For the best protection, apply sunscreen generously 30 minutes before going outdoors. Don’t forget to protect ears, noses, lips, and the tops of feet.
Idea 5: Using Pampers 
Pampers is very soft. Mother want to use Softest diapers and I must say PAMPERS are softest for baby’s skin, hence preferred by mothers all over the world. It is very important to keep baby’s bums dry and smooth as his skin is unable to bear even slightest of harshness. Skin’s health is best maintained by soft and dry diapers because our baby’s skin is smooth, soft and highly delicate which needs that extra care and attention. This is provided by Pampers  care pants surely.