Monday, 15 June 2015

Dance Vs Song?? Which will energize your life..

“I am blogging for#MaxFreshMove activity Are you?

Allu arjun who is a thamil actor famously known for his dancing capabilities.  All know  that how well Arjun can dance almost all the forms with perfection. There may no steps that the great dance ally Arjun can not do.   He started his career in small movie and now where reached  with his own effort and not any one's help. Purely because of his efforts and dancing, acting. 

Anushka Manchanda one who a great sensational singer and what can I say about his voice just awesome!!!. Music which can do anything. Anushka is from Delhi she also started her career as small as VJ in Vtv but now where she reached is unbelievable. Purely because of her sensational voice. 
I am actually big fan songs that also Anushka's voice is amazing it makes me going like anything but after seeing Arjun's dance I also feel like dancing. How well that he dance that also of different forms without any difficulty. There will be surely effort at back so that we will see that type of dance from Arjun. Dance which will keep fit too. So that most of them will prefer to dance to keep them fit. Arjun is surely one gift from god to Tamil industry.And what can we say about his acting. It is just amazing
If both comes together and make a show that is live show will be surely successful  one no doubt in that. It will makes people crazy for sure without any doubt. 

If I am organizing this show. I Will surely organize it in Bangalore. Because majority of Tamil  people are here and even  people basically from Bangalore  also likes his dance and acting. Arjun will shows his talent  in this show with his different move and different forms of dance. And he even communicate with people about his dance and about his life that is how he reached this possition. And listen reviews about from people of his dance.   And bangalore people  are crazy about music. So that is Anushka Manchanda will make it wit his lovely voice. Music which has power to make smiling people cry and crying people smiling. It will turns mood of people. People always prefer to listen music whenever they are free and also during their work time.   It will be three day show. This show will each  day of Three hour and that will be in weekend so that people comes in large amount. For first day Anushka Manchanda will give a solo show with his lovely voice. And for second day Our Allu Arjun will come to show his talent with variety of dance with his group which will make people feel like they are not in earth.  And for third and final day will be face off between both that is Arjun and Anushka that is dancing Vs singing will be awesome . How well Anushka can sing and for a same time how well Arjun can dance for Anushka's song. It is guarantee that people will be a large count for final day to see face off between Anushka and Arjun. And after that people will decide which is best.  It will be dream of most of people seeing both of them together and giving one live show.And make people crazy.

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