Wednesday, 17 June 2015

why it makes me to hug my dad??

 “This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” 

When we say word dad first  word comes in our mind is love, emotion and care he take about his child through out his life. Even though he is struggling in his life he will be hiding that himself and behaving In front of his family as normal. Actually he may be struggling because of financial problem, it may be because of his own health all he keeps himself only the main reason for this will be only one thing that see his child happy that's it he do not need anything more than that.
My dad is my hero and best friend too. I am so comfortable to share my problem with him as one of my best friend to. I will be so comfortable with him. He also treated me as his friend more than his child.
 I always used ask a cycle with my neighbor and roam. One day my dad sees me asking for cycle with my neighbor and he came to me and asked whether you need your own cycle I was so happy and replied 'yes'. Next day only we went to buy a new cycle.  And I also asked for yellow color cycle but yellow color was not available in any of the shop which  we went.  I was sad because of that. And at last we got the yellow color cycle. I was so happy and hugged my dad tightly. His income was not to good at that time but he still brought me a new cycle just to see my happiness. And for each summer holiday he will take us one or other new place as a tour. And I will be just waiting to summer holiday to come. Daily my dad only used to leaves me till school and pickup me from school even though how much busy he is  with his office work never missed to drop me and pickup from school. And during my exam time he also not used to sleep, my dad is also personal teacher to me until or unless I sleep he won't be sleeping. And how happy he be if I scores distinction in my exams. That moment still I remember.
When I grown up I asked for bike with my dad but he said no for that, I was very sad for some days. Seeing me sad dad came to me and asked you really need a bike I replied yes dad. And he said to promise him  one thing , he asked for do not ride bike like crazy and if you give promise me this I will surely give you a new bike of your choice. That time I realized how much he dad loves me. Reason to say no for this just because care he has about me.
 when I was  not feeling well he spend full day with me to take care of my health. Whatever I asked with him he gave even though his financial condition was not good just see me happy. I was so lucky to have you as a dad. The greatest gift that came from god is my dad. My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me always and even I am wrong he will support and makes me understand what i did is actually wrong.

Dad is  living god and reason there may be so many to tell thank him and hug him. But we will not do that. If we do that he also will come to know how much we loves him. So do not wait for anything now go and hug your dad and tell thank you. Then see his reaction after that. All the time we will be asking one or the other thing with him but this we should return this time. He may not be asking for any costly gift for sure. Just a tight hug from his son  will make him so happy. He will not expecting anything other than seeing his child grown up and living a happy life. Simply I can tell what dad means to me is  my dad is my world to me.

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