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Care your baby with Dabur Oil

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Mother one who cares about her child throughout life. It is very important to know every mother how to make her child grow stronger. Every mother will do massage to her child. But it is very important to know which oil to use while using massage and which is not harm for same time.
Olive & Almond oils massage not only helps premature babies grow and thrive, they are also useful for full-term babies and small children.
Massages may help your baby to:
·        Strengthen his attachment to you
·        Stay relaxed and not get upset
·        Cry less
·        Sleep well
 Massages can reduce the number of times your baby becomes ill. Touch and skin-to-skin contact with your baby will stimulate your baby's brain development.
Massaging your baby can even prove beneficial to the one giving the massage. It is known to help mothers with postnatal depression besides giving you a great bonding opportunity. They are a good way for dads to get some hands-on time with their babies too.
 Many in India believe that massages strengthen a baby's bones. There is not much evidence to back this popular belief. For healthy bones, it's best to make sure you feed your baby regularly so he gets enough calcium. Some time out in the early morning sun will give your baby vitamin D, which is needed in the body to absorb calcium. Also make sure to eat well yourself as this will make your breast milk more nutritious for your baby.
 So even if you do not have the time to massage your baby every day, try massaging him once or twice a week. You could share the responsibility with your husband as well. You may find that giving your baby a massage lifts your mood and helps you bond with your baby. The time you set aside for a massage can be your own special time together.
Choosing right oil for massaging your baby is very crucial. As oil is an important aspect of massage, you need to be very while choosing oil for baby's sensitive skin. There are several oils available in market for massaging baby. It is good to prefer branded baby oils for massaging your baby. However, you need not go only by brand name. You also need to consider some other aspects while choosing right oil for your baby's massage.

Olive & Almond help to keep your child stronger and healthy.

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