Friday, 10 July 2015

Child and You

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Child & You

The day baby borns it is the big responsibility to parents to take care of that of baby. But when it comes to what to tell and what not tell during their childhood times is very important. We may tell to our child which child may take very serious. It is natural that child will be very irritating some time but we shouldn't tell them some thing which child may take very seriously.

Children's physical and emotional status, as well as their social and cognitive development, greatly depends on their family dynamics.

Parents can shows to child a lot of things: they can show child how we are to be and what things we ought to strive for, or they can show us how not to be and what things we ought to stray from, then you may have the kind of parents that show you all the things about you that you want to get rid of and you realize those traits aren't yours at all but are merely your parents' marks that have rubbed off onto you.

Only children simply accept the fact that their parents have the right to make choices for them. Even disobedient children never question the fact that their parents have that right. They may choose to flout the rules, but they don't question their parents' right to make those rules.
For most of the things children do, parents are responsible. A good seed, noble thoughts and upbringing deeds can determine the character and personality feeds of our children. The amount of money we spend on them is not funny; to please them that’s the way honey! Give them your time to make their life sublime. Children are soft clay, mould them the appropriate way.

Anything is possible with a parent. Parents are gods. They make child and they destroy child. They warp the world and remake it in their own shape, and that's the world we know forever after. It's the only world. Child can't see what it might have looked like otherwise.

Reward me site site where gave very helpful information to parents when their child was small. Parents may tell angrly to child but it may not good for child's thinking.This will help parents how children who are parented with loving guidance -- which includes learning to manage their emotions -- adopt the parents' values, including doing well in school. And they don't actually destroy property or hit other kids outside the family after the age of seven, when the brain changes to give more rational control over emotions.

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