Sunday, 27 September 2015

                                           Sachchi Advise By My friend

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.

From the moment you are born, everyone is always giving you advice and telling you how you should live your life. I always listen to others’ advice, but I do not always follow it. There has been one piece of advice I have followed since the day it has been given to me and will continue to follow for the rest of my life.

The decision making process is never easy. No matter how many tricks you have up your sleeve, you're bound to lose a little sleep over the big decisions. If you're really struggling, Big decisions cause serious stress in your life. Buying a house, getting married, getting divorced, moving across the country, quitting your job, or just deciding what movie to see, can all drain our willpower. Thankfully, you can run through certain exercises that help you through the decision making process. Big decisions can wreak havoc on your emotions, and that clouds your mind so that you can't make a solid decision. The reasoning here is really simple: your short-term emotions get in the way of decisions, and that clouds your judgment. It's hard to break free of your emotions, but it helps to know they affect your choices. It's a pretty common idea that the more information you have, the better decisions you can make. However, at some point, you cross a threshold where you have too much information. It's one of those dumb tricks our brains pull on us that's hard to counteract. When we have too much information, we start to fill in gaps and add weight to information that doesn't matter.  The human mind hates uncertainty. Uncertainty implies volatility, randomness, and danger. When we notice information is missing, our brain raises a metaphorical red flag and says, "Pay attention. This could be important..." When data is missing, we overestimate its value. Our mind assumes that since we are expending resources locating information, it must be useful. It might sound like you're just going to confuse yourself by adding in options that don't matter, but in certain cases—especially something like a move or even a career change—it's about thinking outside your comfort zone in order to make a better decision.

This only works in certain circumstances. Pretending to give advice to a friend about the cheapest moving truck doesn't make sense, but advice on where to move does. This was one of the most helpful ideas for me as I tried to pick where the heck I wanted to go next. I went with an imaginary friend with a similar disposition to me and tried to think of how I'd approach a conversation with them. I pictured the type of questions I'd ask, thought about the various risks I might mention, and even came up with a few things to research about different locations.

From the moment I was able to comprehend what words meant, I can remember receiving one piece of advice from my parents, "as long as you do your best." This advice was given to me in everything I did, from sports to school to my first job. I believe that this is good advice because it tells me that they trust my judgment and will respect my decisions and stand by me, even if I made the wrong ones. This helps to take pressure off of me when I am going to school because I don't have to live up to being a straight A student and try to accomplish goals that are unattainable for me. Instead, I just do the best that I can and know my parents will love me regardless of what grade I receive in a test.
Life is all about taking decision every day. It may be small or big decision of life. From taking what to eat, what to wear etc. Its all about taking decision.

There may be every day decision or life taking decision. Life changing decision some time you can't take alone, may be need of some one who will help to take right decision. I also faced this kind of problem to confusion about taking decision. That situation is like whether  buy a car or bike. It was the heavy investment for me if I go to buy a car. So I gone to one of my close friend to help me this to buy a car or bike. He told me that buying car with loan is dead investment because we don't get any profit in that and if you traveling alone then it is totally waste. And I listened his suggestion and bought new bike which actually good decision of my life and very much happy with it now. I am very much thankful to my friend.

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