Friday, 9 October 2015

                                                    LG NEXUS 5X

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All of the big nationwide carriers offer Android phones, as do many of the smaller, regional carriers. And, sometimes, selecting a carrier is more important than selecting a phone. After all, the most expensive, best-reviewed Android phone isn't going to do you any good if its carrier's service doesn't work well where you need it most.
Even the big nationwide carriers have dead spots in their coverage areas, and if one of those dead spots is where you live, you're out of luck. So before you get your heart set on a specific Android phone, find out which carriers will work best for you. You can do this by asking around -- find out which phones your friends, neighbors, and co-workers are using.
You should also ask your carrier about a trial period when you buy a phone. When you buy a phone, you typically sign a lengthy service contract in order to get a discounted price on the handset. But you may be able to negotiate a 30-day trial period as part of that contract, so that if the phone doesn't work where you need it to, you can get out of your contract.
Because Android phones are made by a variety of manufacturers, you have a variety of options when selecting a handset. That means that you can choose one that fits your needs. One of the most important things to consider when looking at a phone's design is whether or not it includes a full keyboard. Many of today's Android phones are touch-screen-only devices, and while they may look cool, they're not always as usable as their keyboard-equipped counterparts. A full QWERTY keyboard can add a bit of bulk to the phone, especially if it's a keyboard that slides out of sight when you're not using it, but that can be worth the convenience that comes with having an actual keyboard to type on.

Security is the important part of smartphone if security is not there any one can access your private data. But now it is not possible in LG Nexus %X because of finger print detection which is pleased backside of the device.And no need to worry about security of it be no one can unlock your phone without your permission to do so. It is highlight feature of this phone.Your Nexus is quicker and more secure with a fingerprint sensor. Placed on the back of your device to complement the way you naturally hold it, Nexus Imprint will turn on your screen with one touch, unlock your apps quickly and easily, and let you breeze through checkout lines. And, by incorporating measurements each time you use it, Nexus Imprint gets smarter with every touch.

Camera quality which is excellent and flash also available in this and rear camera also there. Camera quality is very good it give clear pictures if there is not much light also by using its flash it will give clear pictures. The best all-around camera we've ever put into a Nexus shines in low-light conditions. Its larger 1.55μm pixels capture more light even in the dimmest conditions to produce stunning details and sharp images. With a faster Google Camera app, you'll never miss a moment, and with the smart Google Photos app, your memories are easy to relive and always at your fingertips.

Organized photo:
 Now no need to carry all your memory photo in your mobile and waste space of your mobile. By using google photo we can save any number of photo,  and easily can access though the internet. It is easy also to organize photo by peoples name. which makes easier to find photo if there is large number collection of photos. By using google photo we can access photos any where any time.Google Photos is a new way to store, search, and share all your photos and videos. Store an unlimited amount of photos and videos at high quality for free, and access them anywhere. Automatically organized and searchable by the people, places, and things in them, your memories are always easy to find and share.

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