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                             LG NEXUS 5X!

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When we going to look for mobile that is we really look all its features, look and performance. Android phones are becoming more popular every day, and for good reason: Android phones are powerful, attractive, and (sometimes) easy to use. But not all Android phones are the same. The open nature of the Android platform means that a wide variety of manufacturers can offer Android phones, and those phones can offer a variety of features.
I will want tell you at this moment android mobile which has all the features and stylish look is only LG Google Nexus 5 smartphone.

What i like about this phone is most is:
a)The processor is a beast. it handles anything very smoothly , without a single lag.
b) The screen is awesome. you would love to watch movies & pictures in this phone. the 4.95 inch screen full had screen with 445 ppi is the best you can have.
c) Adreno 330 gpu does amazing work in handling all the graphics
d) 2gb ram
e) kitkat gives a wonderful android experience
f) camera is good , may not be the best in low lighting otherwise good, specially after the update . The HDR+ feature works very nicely.
g) if you love gaming , then you will love the phone .
h) reading news & magazines feels great in this phone due to the large screen with high resolution.
i) it is very light . back panel gives a nice grip.

It can process anything in not in a second but in millisecond. Screen is awesome, with a very crisp display with 441ppi. With adreno 330 gpu the gaming experience is top class. With the barometer support phone gives the location accurate by a meter and makes navigation easy. Charging time is good, it can get fully charged in about 2 hours using standard travel charger, never tried wireless charging though, and the headphones are pretty good and can hear it clearly even during travelling in a bus or train.. the loudspeakers are also loud enough with about 68db.WiFi signal locking on pretty good, it can catch on the signal at 30-40 ft from router.The tethering speed on all modes (USB,WiFi,Bluetooth) is pretty fast. If any calls from unknown number is received it shows the location of number searching from Google you can guess who it might be..that is a pretty nice feature.. don't know if it is available in other phones. slim-port support is far more better than MHL. you don't need an additional power cable like in the case of MHL.. you just need to plug in an go. Google voice search is correct most of the time and i am enjoying this feature.

Camera quality:
This mobile have powerful camera that catches more light.The Nexus 5X rear camera with Optical Image Stabilization, and also front facing camera also there so that we can take selfies. In the Still mode the app features settings for turning on HDR+, tinkering with Exposure, turning the LED flash on or off, switching between the front and back lenses and revealing more settings that include Geo-tagging toggle, Countdown timer, changing the picture size, White balance and the scene mode (Night, Action, Sunset, and Party).Similarly, in the Video mode, you can change video quality settings, Time lapse, Exposure settings and Flash.Nexus 5's camera is underwhelming at best.

Photo is organized now:
All photos organized and easy to find. This is new features available by this we can access photos any where any time.No need to waste memory of mobile by keeping all photos. By google photos we can store any numbers of photos for free.Automatically organized and searchable by the people, places, and things in them, your memories are always easy to find and share. It is also easy to find photos from thousands of photos saved by using people name also which makes easy and faster to find from large number of collections from memories photo.

Simplified security: Nexus Imprint
The security is the most important part. Currently running mobile we can see of pattern to unlock mobile. But this can unlocked the person from which you do not want also if they know your mobile pattern. But this now not possible in Nexus 5X . That is because of new thrilling features of this noble that is finger print detection. That is placed in back side of device. And this is most favorite features from all of it and which I did not see till now any mobile. That is security by finger print which is placed back side of the device. And it is easier to unlock also that is placing finger backside of device by this it will unlock the phone, and apps also.

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