Thursday, 26 March 2015

Clear Os as Firewall

ClearOs is open source which acts as an firewall. Usually what we do is make use of firewall application which will comes in os application as defaults.
What is firewall??
   Firewall which will stop user to access or receive specified contents from internet because it may harm to your system or it maybe security purpose.
But their  features is limited if we make use default Os firewall. We can use till certain boundaries. If we start using ClearOs as our firewall system we can understand how to expand our boundaries in firewall. Also we can develop our own firewall application which acts upon users requirements.

   There are already built in applications such as Ip blocking which is we can block particular machine by accessing internet by using system ip address,  also we can block particular site accesing, and for example in office if boss wants works should not download files from internet that also possible by using ClearOs or also block particular format to download such as  .txt, .exe.
  Shortly we can tell this ClearOs can future of all firewall system. If we start using it can be very much useful in office, college, hospitals, restaurants etc.
  The main advantages is that it is the open source we need not pay anything for such a useful os. We can build our own application bass upon our own requirements. We can also install this virtual and make use of its features.

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