Thursday, 26 March 2015


Life is very short no one knows when  will we die. Within this short span of life we should achieve what we want, there may be failure while achieving that goal but we should not  loose hope. A great person said that     happiness will be there for sure if you facing sadness same way success comes only after  failure. So only we should not loose our hopes. That hope only will lead us to achieving that goal. To achieve that goal it may take long time if we loose hope in between it will be the total waste what we achieved till that period of time. Never think that you are wasting your time by trying yo achieve that goal. Achievement of goal is an secondary but what knowledge will we get during that which will teach us how this world is , and how the people around us. All will be our friend until we have money once you are in any difficulty no one will come yo help you. We ourself only should find a way come out of that of problem. So  never expect anything with people around you. There may be good people also but it is very hard to find who are good people. If you trust any one blindly who may make use of you for their advantage but if you need any help wit them they will refuse to do that. So you will not receive what you expect with them back. So the do not trust any one blindly so that they may take advantages of you. So hopes which will keep goal alive.

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