Monday, 16 March 2015

My Lucky Dog

Lucky(name of my dog)  has been my best friend for a long time. Together we have gone through so much and have established an unbreakable bond.  A few years ago Lucky's health began to fail, he became weaker. Naturally I was worried. Veterinarians offered many solutions yet none appeared to be truly effective, and so I took things into my own hands and went to the root of the problem. I started with what seemed most logical: food. From my own personal experience of health problems, I knew that it was a change in diet had always made the real difference. So I started to do my homework and, although not formally an expert in this area, I began to substitute Max’s croquettes for my own recipe.
As you can probably guess – it worked! And it was only a question of time until my friends started to see how much Max was improving. Not only did he start to lose his limp but he even slimmed down and the quality of his fur improved noticeably. Everyone wanted to know what we were doing! And the answer was easy: Diet.
From here began this learning adventure where Max has been my main teacher and source of motivation. Through this route, I have met many people who have identified with the ideology behind Lucky Dog. I would also like to thank my team of experts: Maribel Iniesta, holistic veterinarian; Geraldine Nidasio, animal nutritionist; Ignacio, Celia, Tania and Areceli, our chef and kitchen assistants; and, of course, my dear friends and fellow dog lovers.  It is thanks to these individuals that I am able to share this discovery with you who, like me, want for the very best for their pets. I truly hope you find that Lucky Dog offers the freshness, love and nutrition that your adoring pets deserve.

Good Luck!

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